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Mentorship Program

 Get Started Trading with the Admins from Options on Wall St.

What you'll get:

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship with Admin of your choice
  • Personalized Trading Questions
  • Full A-Z Options Mastery Course
  • 6 Months Free Discord access 
  • Step-by-Step Assistance
  • 6 Weeks Rigorous Training Showing all the Ins and Outs

Anthony (Admin)

Hey guys, I’ve been trading stocks since I was 18, so for 6 years now, and options for 4 years. I grew an interest into stocks at an early age just out of pure curiosity, and always enjoyed having shares of companies I loved. I became a full time trader 2 years ago during my senior year of college, where I acquired a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems, with an emphasis on Network Security. 
I will be covering everything I do, and everything you should not do when it comes to trading. I‘ve been through all the good and the ugly, and will help you avoid early mistakes I’ve made when I started off. We will start from the very basics if you are completely new to the game or, I will evaluate where you currently are and where your next step should be. 



Pedro (Admin)

Hello to all my name is Pedro Martinez, a bit of a backstory on me is before I started trading I was working in roofing for $200 dollars a day as well as going to school to be a contractor in college but one night I had been drinking due to a break up wish I learned to control emotions than like I do now. I received a dui and got my license suspended had to pay a lawyer and while trying to get to work 1 morning late with license suspended speeding radar said 125 I said 80 but the point there was I got arrested and car impounded was locked up for 5 days  so I lost my car pretty much my job since I no longer had a job I had to get a job at lumber mill to pay my bills had gave up on school due to working a regular job  back in 2016 to 2018 but the whole time I always was skeptical of the stock market as well more like afraid but after losing so much you just accept some risk so I started to save what I could and what I had and I started a robin hood acct slightly better decisioning making lead me to investing world and making money work for you so while beginning to learn to trade I started trading bullshit bio penny stocks the worst ones yet company gets hit with bad data stock can drop 75% over night so I happen to hold to through one of those and completely wrecked me so it made me start options now options was a scary learning process  too so I tried a trading group  but they only made my losses worse but in investing you gotta always be asking yourself the right questions for example  why did stocks run? which sector is running ? What days do stocks run so I started researching on how the markets move so after losing money left and right almost giving up during the researching things finally clicked I was viewing formations and trends so from there I started buying stocks again but wasn’t satisfied with the .20 to 2 dollar gain per stock so than I applied myself more into the options once I started to notice that an option can gain 20 to 50 to 300 dollars when the stocks moved maybe 50 cents to a dollar so while applying the technical analysis I learned and finding this out I started to trade more aggressively i was making about 30 to 80 dollars a day trading while working than covid hit had my hours cut so that’s when I had to pick up the pace bills don’t pay themselves  so was left with trading goals was to make 100 a day from there I really learned to tap into my research and began to see the breakouts and applying options I started to see options run up 50 to 100% to 500% an amazement from there I was trading on my own  the exact number I blew in accts in my learning process was 14K from there I was Able to recover to 250,000 in Roth savings and 40k acct that i reset monthly its important to “pay yourself before paying the market again”.

Roxy (Admin) 

Welcome, my name is Roxana Castellanos. 
Before you move any further, I’d like to tell you little about me.
Before my trading career I was in the legal field for over 10 years as a paralegal. Though I Iiked what I did, I wanted more.
I was tired of being limited to how much I can make. 
Thanks to an Instagram ad, a millionaire mastermind event with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank, was advertised and I took action and attended. I was ready for a change coming from a low income family and living in the rat race of paycheck to paycheck. It was then when I was introduced to stocks and options back in 2019. I was intrigued and fell in love with the idea of making money off my phone from anywhere in the world.
A seed was deeply planted after that event and i had to water this seed so I went ahead and paid $8k for an educational course. Yes, $8k without question.
So then Covid hits, locked down in my house 24/7. What a better opportunity then to learn a new skill,so I did. It was then introduced to Optionsonwallst and I was super stoked to be around other traders and in a community with people that shared the same passion. Come to learn that that 98% were all males, pretty intimidating I must say being a woman. BUT, my thrive is was bigger.
6 months in, after religiously trading every single day Monday thru Friday, after so many trial and errors, Optionsonwallst made me a trusted member because it was then that my understanding to reading charts and the concept of technical analysis was showing through my profits and signals I was signaling. Then I was promoted to a moderator and by November of 2020 a partner.
It was the beginning of a new life! I was able to make half of my monthly salary in 1 day, yes 1 day.
Mastering the art of option trading is a never ending learning trade. But I promise you this, that the more you know and learn, the more profitable you become! BUT the beauty of this trade, is that your possibilities are endless and not limited!

Sarah - FlowQueen (Analyst) 

I started trading options back in 2018, when I was introduced to them by an institutional options trader who worked for one of the top 5 banks in Canada. As their department relied almost solely on order flow analytics, I was institutionally trained by one of the top order flow analysts in the game over the span of 8 months. Since, I have worked at both OWS and TradePro Academy, and learned in depth market structure and technical analysis. These skills combined creates the perfect coaching program, and candidates will learn how to combine all skill sets to achieve a uniformed trading approach.