Meet the Women in Finance Team!


Welcome, my name is Roxana Castellanos.  Before you move any further, I’d like to tell you little about me.
 Before my trading career I was in the legal field for over 10 years as a paralegal.

Though I Iiked what I did, I wanted more.
I was tired of being limited to how much I can make.  I was ready for a change coming from a low-income family and living in the rat race of paycheck to paycheck. It was then when I was introduced to stocks and options back in 2019 at a mastermind. I was intrigued and fell in love with the idea of making money off my phone from anywhere in the world. 

A seed was deeply planted after that event, watered the seed so I paid $8k for an educational course. Yes, $8k without question.  So then Covid hits, locked down in my house 24/7. What a better opportunity then to learn a new skill, so I did. It was then when I was introduced to Options on Wall St. and I was super stoked to be around other traders and in a community with people that shared the same passion.

Come to learn that that 98% were all males, pretty intimidating I must say being a woman. BUT, my thrive was bigger.  6 months in, after religiously trading every single day Monday thru Friday, after so many trial and errors, Options on Wall St. appointed me into a trusted member because it was till then that my understanding to reading charts and the concept of technical analysis was showing through my profits and signals I was signaling. Not only was I making money but helping the team make money too. Then I was promoted to a moderator and by November of 2020 a partner.
 It was the beginning of a new life! I was able to make half of my monthly salary in 1 day, yes 1 day. Never went back to my 9-5 job, I’m a full time trader, travel the world and still make money off my phone, and also help others to achieve their trading goals with a pretty high success rate, especially women. 

Mastering the art of option trading is a never-ending learning trade. But I promise you this, that the more you know and learn, the more profitable you become! BUT the beauty of this trade, is that your possibilities are endless and not limited!

Creating a multitude of successful traders

We thrive in empowering beginner and intermediate traders through a handful of resources available through our discord room, live trading seminars, and 1 on 1 mentorships.