Hello my name is Gus, but many of you may know me as The Wall Street Goat

I majored in finance, I became financially burdened following into the rat race that society portrays for you. So I quit my 9-5 job making 100k a year to pursue entrepreneurship.

Failed heavily on business ventures by accumulating a lot of debt until I turned my 2.5k portfolio into $1.3 million and paid off debt   

Dropped out of law school to pursue a career in trading the stock market.


I’m Quincy, former senior software engineer @ facebook, dropbox & modsy. 

Began trading part time in 2014 and made the transition to full-time in 2019, leaving my 650k/yr job @ facebook.

Initially sought out knowledge to help grow my 401k and retirement accounts – eventually grew more interest as my trading profits continued to increase.

Before making the leap to full-time, I was constantly profitable over a 3 year span and made over my salary.



My name is Anthony I’m 25, I have 6 years of trading experience with options, started trading equity since I was 18 about 7 years ago.

Became profitable 1.5  years into trading after switching my style and focusing on consistent returns instead of going for homeruns all the time.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Network/Cyber Security. 


Options on Wall St. Live Trading Academy


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